Assignment 1 (Historical Figure at the Olympics)

Preparing for Assignment 2

Learning perspectives



Bouncy Ball In perspective


Chosen Historical Character

My Chosen Historical character is the King of Pop, ‘Micheal Jackson’.


As well as this, my chosen Olympic sport is the hammer throw.


I decided to choose Jackson and the hammer throw, as I thought that I could some how use jacko’s moves to throw the hammer.

My two reference videos



Rough Drawings

I did this just to see what type of style I should go with.


Final Design

I wanted to keep this design simple, as it would be somewhat easier to animate.


Old Storyboard

Here is my storyboard of what my animation could look like.


New Storyboard

Scene one. In this scene, Jackson will be pulling the hammer. A wide shot will show Jacko moon-walking, while struggling to pull the hammer, which will last for 2 seconds.

In terms of sound, I intend to have a sport commentator’s voice introduce Jackson to the stadium. His introduction song will be ‘Billie Jean’. The song will playback as more of an echoy area sound.Other sounds for this scene will be the sound of him moon-walking onto the stadium.

[oc 1.png

Scene two. A mid-close up shot will show Jackson struggling to pull the hammer throw. As atlethes are very muscular people, Jackson is on the other hand, quite skinny. So, I wanted to show how weak he is when struggling to pull the hammer. Other sounds beside  ‘Billie Jean’ in this scene would be the sound of him grittting his teeth, as he’s struggling to pull the hammer.

pic 2.png

This image is still scene two, but shows more of Jackson struggling. Scene two will last for about 5 seconds. After Jackson grits his teeth, I intend to have  the sound him sighing.

pic 3.png

Scene three. Mustering all his strength, Jackson will begin spinning the hammer. Shown in my reference video, Jackson does a spin after his moonwalk. I want to try and use that style in my animation, as athletes tend to swing their hammers. I also intend to have the sound of him spinning the hammer.

ic 4.png

Lasting for about 5 seconds, scene three will end with Jacko spinning the hammer so hard and fast, that he cannot let go.

pic 5.png

Scene four. Lasting for about 6 seconds, Jackson weak strength would have resulted in him not being able to let go. A mid shot shows Jackson still holding onto the hammer and shooting into the sky. This scene would just have the sound of him whoosing in the air.

pic 6.png

Scene Five. A Low-angle shot will show Jackson smiling, as he approaches the moon. The reason into the smile is that he is finding it ironic that, as a moon-walker, he will be moon-walking on the moon.

pic 7.png

Scene 6. In the final scene, a wide angle shot will show Jackson moon-walking on the moon.This would last for about 5 seconds.

pic 8.png

My initial moonwalk breakdown

Using the moonwalk video as reference, I tried making a breakdown of it in TV paint.


I then decided to make a breakdown of Jackson swinging the hammer around. I tried to incorporate his infamous spinning technique in the swing.




My rough Jackson Hammer throw animation.

Before scene five, Jackson does a head turn and looks at the moon.




Initial Breakdowns of my Animation


Rough Animation



Here is the completed animation with sound.