Completed 3D Monster Character




So the character design I decided to go with is the ‘Mary Shelley’ Frankenstein’s Monster. Looking at the description, I had to try and draw what the words said.


I decided to go for a Sherlock style design, as the description does say that frankienstien tries to act like a human by interegrating into human social life.

My first rough concept (Frankenstein Sherlock style)


I then developed that idea into a a more stylised concept, giving this character a more Gothic feel to it.

My second rough concept (Frankenstein Sherlock style)



I decided to further the Sherlock style concept and make him look a bit more like the real Frankenstein. I mainly focused on the head of this character.

My third rough concept ( a generic Frankenstein




I decided to further my design by making it look more like frankienstien. I got inspiration from the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ and other zombie medias, as I wanted to show exposed flesh. My Sherlock style Frankenstein didn’t really show exposed flesh, so I decided to show it in this design.

My fourth rough concept (Zombie-Skeleton style)


I furthered my design even more, as it says in the brief that Frankenstein stands at 8-feet. So I made him slightly taller, as well as making his head smaller.

My fifth rough concept (Zombie-Skeleton style)
My side and back view of my fifth rough concept (Zombie-Skeleton style)
My sixth rough concept (Zombie-Skeleton style)

I decided to give this character some cloths, as he is meant to integrate into human social life. As well as this,  I also gave him long black hair, as the breif staes that he has long flowing black hair and black lips.


Here is my side and back view of my sixth rough concept (Zombie-Skeleton style)


Here is a coloured version of my sixth rough concept (Zombie-Skeleton style)
Here is a side view of my sixth rough concept (Zombie-Skeleton style)


I decided to not go for the style were my character’s body is half human and half skeleton. So I decided to go for a more human  character. This because my two coloured designs shown above would have been a bit challenging and complicated to model. So, I decided to make him a bit more human, by completing the torso and shoes. The rib cage will still be there, as it says on the brief that his flesh is exposed.



Here is a new side view of my sixth rough concept (Zombie-Skeleton style)



I started modeling the ribcage and spin first, as they were the most complicated part of the character. Using stll photos of sketons as reference, I boxed modelled the skeleton by extruding out.



I then started modelling the torso.Using the image plane of my character in the fron and side view, I was able to model the torso.



I then duplicated special the body and started modeling the head.

torso 2.PNG


The head was quite tricky to model, as my character design didn’t have enough information. So I decided to look at the origianal film ‘Frakenstien to see how to model it. Using head modelling tutorials to help with the eye socket, I was able to complete the head.


The hair was another tricky part, as it needed to look long and look like it is flowing. I decided to look at Maya tutorials and see how to basically model hair using planes..


Using an image plan of sneakers, I was able to model the shoes with just simple cylinder extrusions


After modelling everything, I went on to texture. I had difficulties texturing the blood on the skin, as my UV’s got really messed up. So, I decided to use simple shaders. I used blinn for the hair and skin and pong for the eyeballs and skeleton.

Here is my completed model in four different views and turntable.

View 1


View 2


View 3


View 4


Here is my 3D Character turntable.