Assignment 1 (Blog 3) Sound

John Williams

Music and sound also plays a key role in this scene. John Williams score of Hagrid walking into the house is a very loud and intimidating score. The score  immediately stops when Hagrid apologies about the broken door. The tone of his voice is very uncanny to how he is represented, as his appearance is the complete opposite to his overall look.  Correlating the musical score is the exaggerated sound effects. The sound of lighting can be heard even before hagrid stormed his way inside, but it is intensified even more when he comes in. The door crashing down also adds to the loud lighting and music score., making the scene very dramatic. What makes this scene interesting is that there is near complete silence before Hagrid comes charging in. The loud music and insense sound effects can also be seen as fore-shadowing Harry’s life. Harry up till now has lived a quiet, normal life. The quiet music soothing score represents that, were as the loud music that is heard when Hagrid enters fore-shadows the Harry’s dramatic life ahead.

Music also represents a certain character, even though they may not be shown on screen. The famous is there a particular name for when a certain music is used to represent a character?Hedwig theme, is the tune that plays to show that Harry is on screen. This tune is first heard when hagrid brings Harry to the dersleys when he was a baby. This tune throughout the movie is used mainly at the start of most scenes to get across to the audience that Harry is in the scene. But it’s inital purpose is to represent courage and hope as of every scene in the film with this tune, is when Harry is safest and bravest the most.