KarltoonTV: Journey to the center of the youtube channel

Hello people. In terms of a journey that I have taken, I would say that it is my random youtube channel. In college/sixth form, I wanted to create a channel in order to show of my work II completed as assignments, as well as indipendent work outside college. This youtube channel has some of the craziest things I have dared to show of.

WARNING: The following blog contains scenes of graphic randomness that may question you on whether I took illegal highs. Parental Guidance, is advised.

Two of a kind stop-motion: 

This is my first EVER stop-motion animation I ever did. It was a group project I did with two other lads in year 10.



Lego Stop-Motion Dance:

I though about making a new stop-motion animation at home, after completing the assignment. I did this in order to practice and refine my stop-motion skills.




Jake Bugg Kinetic Typography:

For my very first assignment at my college/ sixth form, I had to create a short kinetic typography on something popular that originated from Nottingham.Singer song writer Jake Bugg, was the most famous thing from Nottingham.



The Vision Kinetic Typography: Here is another kinetic typography I did for my church.



Should kids be allowed to own a gun? Kinetic typography:

After completing my Jake Bugg typography,  I wanted to improve my after effects skills, so, I made another kinetic typography based of a speech I wrote in my English class, during GCSEs. This particular speech is about how guns are an issue in society. All the graphics were created in illustrator and then animated the individual layers to my requirement.


My first attempt at 2D Animation: Here is my first attempt on trying to make a character I drew come to life.


Desmond Title Sequence: 

For our second college  assignment, we had to create a title sequence for a completely made up movie, which had to include good use of VFX , motion graphics, lighting and editing. My sequnce idea is mainly based of a character from the book series, ‘The Saga of Darren Shan’. My sequnce serves as a kind of prequal to the series.




Newer Version: I failed the ‘Desmond title sequence project because it was too long and the lighting was bad. 😦  So here is a newer, clearer version of it that I was forced to do in order to pass the course.


A trip to the Moon (2d Animation):

During my spare time, I created a character in the Software Adobe Illustrator, using the shape and pen tools.As I wanted to animate him, I serperated the body parts into different layers.



Come Fly with me (2D Animation):

This animation serves as a sequal-prequal to the previous animation.


Dancing Robot: 

This dancing robot was also designed in illustrator and anmated in after effects. I tend to use this style of animation, as I found it easier.


Apple Stop-motion tv ident:

Using various fruits, modelling clay and a blender, I created a stop-mtion animation ident for Notts TV as a college asignment.



VFX Sequence:

Based of various movies like Terminator 2, Iron Man and World War Z, I created a VFX sequence as a college assignemt.


3D Dancing Elephant Man:

Here is a 3D Animation of an elephant I did for an assignment.


Newer version: 

Here is a newer version to the dancing elephant. Which one is better? You decide.


Final Major Project (2D Animation):

For my last ever project at Confetti ICT, i did a 2D Animation.


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