Assignment 2 (Icarus)


For this assignment, I need to create a 30 second animation about Icarus’s journey, as he falls to his death. When planning this assignment, I need to think of a certain genre that I could do. My chosen genre is Dark comedy. The pictures below shows a funny version of Icarus flying with his father.

Fig 1

This scene shows a very stylised cartoon of Icarus falling, but embracing it.

Fig 2
Fig 3
Fig 4

I decided to get started on drawing my Icrus character by using a paintin as my reference. When I drew the Fig 4 character, it was then that I realised that the character looked a bit heroric in that stance. So I decided to change my theme to more of a superhero one.


Research (Fig 5)


muscle man.png
reserch (fig 6)


muscle man 2.png
my original (fig 7)



muscle man 3.png
my New Stylised version (Fig 8)




research (fig 10)

The idea to really stylise my character came from researching political cartoons. They way they exaggerate the way certian polititions look caught my interest.



research (fig 11)
my Icruas poses (fig 12)

I then went on to make the poses of the character, using superhero poses as reference for my work.


my Icurus poses  (fig 13)



(fig 14)






20170129_132600 (2).jpg



20170129_132624 1.jpg






Enter a caption


In terms of colour, I was thinking of using the colours red, white and blue, as they are very iconic colours for superheros.



Scene 1

Scene 1 shows a wide shot of Icarus doing his hero stance. For  sound, I intend to have a superhero soundtrack, introducing the character. This scene will slowly zoom i on Icarus.

Scene 2

Scene 2 shows a mid shot of the character winking at the character.

Scene 3

Scene 3 shows a mid shot of the character preparing to run.

Fig 4
Scene 5

Scene 5 shows him jumping of the edge of cliff.

Scene 6

Scene 6 shows him falling down the cliff. The superhero soundtrack cuts immediately, because him falling doesn’t seem heroic.

scene 6.png
Scene 7

Scene 7 shows Icarus falling.

scene 7.png
Scene 8


Scene 9

Scene 9 shows him recovering from his fall and regains himself. The scene also sows him flying up into the sky.



New Idea and storyboard

Realising that I didn’t read the brief properly I had to rethink my idea, as I didn’t have much of a journey for Icarus, as he falls.



Newer Designs







Captain Icarus (Front outline)

Final Design

Captain Icarus (Coloured Front view)

Sound for Icarus

In terms for sound I need:

  • A copyright free soundtrack that sounds heroic
  • Footsteps walking and running
  • Sound effect of him falling
  • sound effect of his wings flapping


Scene 1

In scene 1, lasting 4 seconds, a wide shot will show Icarus standing bold and strong.

Scene 1


Scene 2

Lasting for 4 seconds, a mid – shot of Icarus winking at the camera showing his confidence. While this is happening, I intend to use a copyright free superhero soundtrack, as it correlates well to the idea.

Scene 2


Scene 3

Icarus then prepares to run of the cliff.

Scene 3

Scene 4

Captain Icarus then runs and jumps of the cliff.

Scene 4

Scene 5

A high angle shot of Icarus jumping.

Scene 5

Scene 6

Icarus then begins to fly towards the sun.

Scene 6


Scene 7

A high angle shot of Icarus will show him flying.

Scene 7


Scene 8

Out of know where, he gets hit by a flamingo. It is then that the superhero soundtrack cuts, as he now doesn’t seem heroic.

Scene 8


Scene 9

Icarus then begins to fall down into the sea…

Scene 9


Scene 10

…the dude still falls…

Scene 10


Scene 11

A shark spots a meal falling from the heavens and takes advantage.

Scene 11


Scene 12

Icarus is now in the belly of the beast.

Scene 12


Scene 13

Icarus now tries to figure a way out of the beast.

Scene 13


Scene 14

The shark is seen smiling under water.

Scene 14


Scene 15

Icarus then one punches his way out of the shark, shattering his teeth in the process. The superhero soundtrack then replays, as the hero has escaped.

Scene 15


Scene 16

The shark then chases Icarus out of the water, getting revenge.

Scene 16


Scene 17

Icarus then beats up the shark.

Scene 17


Scene 18

Getting insparation from traditional comic books, I intend to use the punching captions seen in comic books.

Scene 18


Scene 19

Icarus then sits on top of the shark, knowing that he has won this fight..

Scene 19


Scene 20

…or has he? Looking up Icarus see that a there are two more sharks out to get him.

Scene 20


Scene 21

Two sharks then prepare to rip Icarus to pieces.

Scene 21


Scene 22

Realising the battle isn’t over..

Scene 22


Scene 23

.. Icarus prepares to fight.

Scene 23

I had to cut half of my storyboard, as I was told that the animation will run on for too long. So, I decided to cut it after scene 12.

The Modelling process

Step 1

I started of modelling the head, using the box modelling process…



Step 2

… however, it didn’t go down too well, as the model looked to boxy, than cylindrical.



Step 3

I then decided to use a sphere to model the head and then used the multi-cut tool to shape out the eye. The nose was made using a cone and then using blend shape to bend and shape it. I just extruded the chin using the faces underneath the head.



Step 4

I then went and modelled the chest, the box modelling technique.



Step 5

I then used a cylinder to model the arm and then used a square to model the hands.



Step 6

I used a cylinder to model the tigh and another cylinder to model the shin pads. I then connected to verticies to fuse the pads tigh and shoe together.



Step 7

Next, all I did was duplicate special and merge the vertices together.



Step 8

I then used a square, adding edge loops to model the wings. I used my drawings to model around the outlines.


Step 10

I then added straps to the wings. I also used the blend shape technique to model the shoulder pads. I also used a cone to model the hand things



Step 11

Here’s a wire frame version of it.



Step 12

Apart from the wings, I just used basic Lambert and phong shaders  to texture the character. I had to paint the stripes of the wings in Photoshop and uv edit the hell out of them.



Here is a view of my model.



Here is another view of my model.



Here is my 2D concept of my character and my 3D model side by side.



Rough character blocking

Rough character animation test


Rough line test for flamingo sequence


Rough line test for shark sequence


Animatic with sound


Final Animation with sound