Visual Communication 2

PoThe main idea

Our group decided to split the style, theme and expressions of the character between the three of us. Samuel decided to research the characters expressions and came up with with using the eyes and eye brows fro the US TV show ‘Boondocks’. The main characters have very interesting expressions.

Boondocks (TV Show)


Meanwhile, I wanted to incorporate Tim Burton’s style. This is mainly because the proportions in his characters are very extreme. I felt that we could really push the poses with his style.

Tim Burton’s Characters

And finally, Jack’s task was to research the overall theme for our characters. At first he chose medevil for the theme. But we felt that it wasn’t right and went for something more futuristic. So we decided to go for the sci-fi root.

The Terminator

Once we researched all we needed, we then decided to make a start by practice drawing ourselves.

The state of my face

Me as a reference



The first step (Drawing me)

So in order to prepare for our character designs, we decided to draw ourselves to get used to drawing us. We had to step out of comfort zone and start drawing areas of our face we’d like to ignore. I got someone to  take a photo of me so I can start drawing me. I wanted it to be as detailed as possible. 

Second step (Exaggerate me)

In this drawing,  I used the picture I used as reference to really push certain areas of my face. The areas include my nose, lips, ears and forehead. I then decided to make a caricature of myself. The main inspiration to make this was from the book ‘Cartoons and Caricatures’. Written by Bevis Hiller, the book mainly outlines the history of caricatures. This book also has scanned illustrations of the early caricature pioneers.


Pushing my drawings

Still using the ‘Cartoons and Caricature’ book, I mainly got inspiration from the illustration in p.g 66. It shows an very exaggerated illustration of an ex politician.


Cyborg Time


justice cyborg
Screenshot from the trailer Justice League

Watching Batman Vs Superman, there was a trailer for the upcoming movie Justice Legue on the DVD and it shows a scene with cyborg.



Adding Jack’s  Sci-Fi theme

Using the Terminator image at the top of the page as reference, I decided to add Jack’s sci-fi theme to my character. I mainly used the half robotic side of the mask.

Pushing the shape

I decided to really push the shape of my head, and adding the mask on it. I had to simplify i the mask a little, as I added a bit too much detail on the previous one. I also made my hair appear longer than how it originally is.

Adding my Tim Burton theme to it.

Using some Tim Burton character designs as reference, as well as the poses of ‘New Masters Academy’, I was able to make this pose of my character. You can see the thin arms and legs from Burton, but also the hair is a bit more shaggy, as his characters tend to had wild, shaggy hair. I also a robotic arm to my character as well. The one main problem is that the arms and legs are so thin that there won’t be enough clay on it. I was advise to make the character’s proportions a bit more like mine.


Facial Expressions










Exaggerating my face

I then added the Boondocks facial expressions that Samuel suggested onto my caricature. I mainly exaggerated the cheeks and lips of my caricature. I used the eyebrows and eye shape of the characters of Boondocks.


Posing time

Enter a caption



me pose
i used Micheal Jackson as my main dancing reference. as he has alot of interesting poses. Since my character is a dancer, I wanted to go for the most known dancer poses.
I then used that pose as my main reference and drew a rough concept. Even though our group decided to use the limbs of certain Tim Burton characters like Jack Skeleton and Victor Van Dort, I had to add more meat to the character. This was because I was told we had to use alot of the clay for modelling and this design wouldn’t need much of it. As well as this, I was told that the facial features would be readable as a silhouette. So I had to practice my silhouette drawings before I added detail and colour.




I then went on to make silhouettes of Micheal Jackson posing.


I then practice doing the silluetes of my character. Since we are usiing Tim Burton as insparation for the body propotions, I had to make sure that this was applied to my draings. My early rough concept had much skinner legs and arms, but, as that concept didn’t reqire much clay, I had to add more meat to my character. I also thought about the cyborg aspect to it. The main line of action for my chosen pose mainly comes from the top of the chest right to his left foot. His arm as well had to be clear and readable,



























first 3.png
I then made more poses of different styles. I was still told that the poses weren’t readable, mainly my lips and nose weren’t shown as much. The main objective for me was to make them readable. To let the viewer know what is happening without the detail. Once I have achieved the strongest silhouette, then I will start to add the details.


rogh character designs 1
Using the 3 silluettes above, I then added the details of the caracitures. Since I used the photo pose as my main referene, I ussed my own outfit for the character. Character 2 is a little different to the others, as I wanted to see what his jacket being open would look like and if it would look better.


2nd batch.png
In these 3 poses, i focused on trying to make the facial features more readable. Number 5 is my favoute as the style of the hair does resemble some of Tim Burton’s chaarcters, like Edward Scissorhands. This character has very eccentric hair and I wanted to get that across some of my different characters.



2nd Poses.png
Adding some detail to the silhouettes, I tried to make the characters as different as possible. I wanted to see which style would resemble my other team mates designs. I was told number 6 was quite close, interms of the hair, but I had to further my designs to make them look a bit better.
robotic sillluettes
Out of all the silhouettes I have down, these three are the closest to how I imagined my character to look like. Number 7 is my best, as I have altered the pose in a way to show of more of the character’s arm. I also gave him a robotic gun with two fingers on as well.


final 3 poses.png
Out of the previous designs, these 3 are my favourites, as they have more robotic proportions. I was told number 9 looks similar to one of my team mates designs, which is good, as the designs wouldn’t look too jarring.

Out of all of my designs, number 7 and 9 were my favoutes, but number 7 would be the best one.