Weekly Task Number 2. Framing devices

For this weeks task, I have decided to use the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ to analyse why certain camera shots, color and lighting were used for certain reasons. The main scene I am going to used is the famous scene were Hagrid arrives at Harry’s temperoy house to say that he’s a wizard. The scene starts of with young Harry wishing Happy birthday to himself. The scene has a quiet, calm feel to it, as everyone is asleep and it’s night time. As if his prayers were answered, Hagrid comes barging into his

house, a low angle shot is used to show how dominant and scary this guy is. Shown in fig 1, the audience can’t see his face or doesn’t know who he is at this point. The dark lighting used in this scene also represent the danger that is approaching as well. Another interesting camera shot is when Harry and Hagrid are talking and a high angle shot of Harry looking up at Hagrid shows how vulnble and innocent this boy is.

Fig 1


Fig 2


Another interesting scene in the film is when professor quil comes storming into the the main dining room to warn everyone about a loose troll. The camera pans along side professor quill as it takes the sudden expression change of all the students, as a peaceful meal is suddenly disturbed. The moment the professor comes storming into the room, indoor lighting can be shown to resemble the sudden danger and thret that awaits the students.

Fig 3