Year 2 Term 2 2D Animation (Poem)


Stag at Starkeys 1909. George Bellows

boxing painting

I decided to choose this painting as my chosen soundscape, as I feel there is alot to tell and do with it.

Below is the boxing script I cam up with. I decided to have the boxing round be the final match of the world chairmanship. I felt like with stacks being so high, I could really make the voice acting really dramatic.

Boxing Script


Crowd can be heard.

Presenter T: Tonight, we are going to witness the most anticipated match in the history of professional boxing. (Shouting) FOR THE HEAVYWEIGHT, CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD. LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE.


Crowds cheering gets louder.


Presenter T: Now, standing at 5’4, PLEAE WELCOME Johnny Quest.


Crowds cheering gets louder.


Presenter T: and his opponent, standing at a mighty 6’7, Steven Smith.


Crowds cheering gets louder.


Presenter T: “Final round, LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE”.

Non diegetic sound of a bell dinging can be heard dinging 3 times. Boxing crowd can be heard. A whistle can also be heard. Punching can be heard.


Presenter 1: “It’s the grand final of the 1909, Stag at Starkeys. Both have overcome adversity and putting one HELL of a fight here tonight, Karly.


Presenter 2: “ Yes indeed, Benny, both have a chance of”..


Crowd goes in shock as Boxer one makes an upper cut on boxer 2.


Presenter 1 (Shouting): Ooohhh. That upper cut. It’s Jack Nicholson taken punch. For the first time in his career. WHAT Drama in round 11. Big drama in the big apple.


Punching can be heard.


Presenter2: Yes indeed Benny. Johnny boy truly has come around, following his devastating defeat by Simpson two years ago. Can he redeem himself and be the victor?


Presenter1: Only one way to find out with just 20 seconds to go.

Punching can be heard.


Presenter 2: (Shouting even louder and faster) OOoo. Johnny boy is putting Stevie under heavy presser and in real trouble.


Loud punch can be heard and the crowds and presenter scream in shock. Referre’s hand can be heard hitting the floor four times, while he is counting. Crowds chanting can be heard


Referee: 5, 6,7,8.


Presenter 2 (SHOUTING): AND STEVIE IS DOWN. HE IS DOWN. It’s all over. Jonny Quest is Stag at Starkeys’s new champion. Having scored a dramtic 12th round knock out.


Crowds cheering. Air horn can be heard to signal the end of the match.


Presenter 1: What a match.


Research Material

Using existing boxing matches as example.

Im my soundscape, I need a presenter at the start, so I started researching at exsiting boxing presenters.


Completed Soundscape projects

Using copyright free material, as well as creating original sounds, I created a script and added sound effects to company my soundscape.

Version 1

Version 2


My Chosen Poem



My chosen Poem is poem 4, ‘Pablo Neruda. The Men’. When  I first read the poem, I thought it was the story of a man from the past who travelled i time to the year 2000 and how he is dealing with the new time period.

Then I thought it was a immagriant travling to america to start a new life in the new year, but living in the poor parts of america. The man starts to realize that america isn;t what he was promised and has to accept what he’s got.

But when I re-read the poem, I realised that it is possibly the story of a poor man from south america realisiing that despite a new millennium, his country still hasn’t caught up with the rest of the world and is suffering.

The Animation Idea

The animation idea is about a man called ‘Ramón González Barbagelata’ who has just come back home from travelling around south america. He comes home on the day of the new millennium not knowing what the new year will bring. He walks to work seeing that his country is still poor. He has no choice but to continue with his life.

Dissecting the poem

The poem starts of with I’m Ramón González Barbagelata from anywhere, from Cucuy, from Paraná, from Rio Turbio, from Oruro, from Maracaibo, from Parral, from Ovalle, from Loconmilla,’. Most of these states and cities are from south america, indicating that the character is Latin American. It could also mean that this man has been travelling around south america for possibly the past year and has come back to his country. I could start the animation with the man sitting on his bed flicking through postcards of the places he visited. The only sound is the sound of a tap dripping.. Everything else is dead silent.

‘I’m the poor devil from the poor Third World, I’m the third-class passenger installed, good God! in the lavish whiteness of snow-covered mountains, concealed among orchids of subtle idiosyncrasy.’ This indicates that he is poor and from third world countries. Where it says ,’I’m a poor devil’, the scene could cut to a wide shot of his apartment. Since he is from a third world country, his house is likely going to be tattered, messy and nearly falling apart.

‘I’ve arrived at this famous year 2000, and what do I get? With what do I scratch myself? What do I have to do with the three glorious zeros that flaunt themselves over my very own zero, my own nonexistence?’ This could mean that after a year of travelling, he has returned home on new year’s day of 2000. Maybe the man hoped that during his time away, his country changed for the better. The animation could have the character getting ready for work and he steps outside. The moment he opens the door, the sound of the outside world can be heard. This could range from dietetic sounds of cars, people talking or construction work.

‘The era’s beginning: are these ruined shacks, these poor schools, these people still in rags and tatters, this cloddish insecurity of my poor families, is all this the day? the century’s beginning, the golden door?’ This could mean that the despite being in the 21st century, the character is disappointing and sad that his country is still in poverty.

Reading the entire poem, I decided to cut most of the lines out of it, as it is way too long. I decided to pick these lines. ‘I’ve arrived at this famous year 2000, and what
do I get? With what do I scratch myself? What do I have to do with the three glorious zeros that flaunt themselves over my very own zero, my own nonexistence?

The era’s beginning: are these ruined shacks, these poor schools, these people still in rags
and tatters, this cloddish insecurity of my poor families, is all this the day? the century’s beginning, the golden door?’

What is being said in this section is that the charatcer, who was born in south america, possibly brazil, has come back home after a vacation. Stepping out of the airport, he hesitates before walks out onto the street. In the animation, what I could do is have the number ‘2000’ hovering above the charatcers head. He then stares at them thinking what does the new year mean. A new begggining, or the same as always? Walking outside, his awnser is confirmed as that brazil hasn’t changed and is still in poverty.

 Chosen Sound

  • Person narrating the poem
  • Ambient sound of Brazil street


My Script

Pablo Neruda. The Men' (KarltoonTV’S Short Version)

The scene will open will open with a pan down of a large, spectacular hotel 
resort celebrating the new yea.

Crowd Celebration


(10 secs) Fireworks can be seen over the outsized, hotel resort. This will 
pan down onto the main character, Ramón González Barbagelata. Wearing a 
tattered t-short of the Brazil football team, he looks up at the fireworks. 
A wide angle shot will show the back of Ramon looking up at the fireworks.


'I've arrived at this famous year 2000, and what
 do I get? With what do I scratch myself?

(3 Secs)A low angle shot will show Ramon looking down at his hands with a 
puzzled look on his face. 



‘What do I have to do with the three glorious zeros that flaunt themselves 
over my very own zero, my own nonexistence? 

(3 Secs) He then looks up at the fireworks and, in spectacular fashion, they
display the year 2000.


(3 Secs) As he says this, the sparks and flames of the fireworks start to 
fall down over him, as if the numbers truly mean anything. He lifts his 
hands up trying to touch the year 2000 in the fireworks.


(4 Secs) While that is happening, a mid-shot will show Ramon smiling, as 
he fantasise the New Year being the beginning of his country coming out of 
poverty. The fireworks is a metaphor of that fantasy. Rule of third will 
position the character to the left side of the screen, while the background 
is out of focus.

But he then he does a quick turn and the background is brought into focus, 
revealing the reality and poverty of his neighbourhood.



‘The era's beginning, are these ruined shacks’...


(3 Secs)A wide shot shows the character walking down his, poor, ramshackle
 street. Sounds of homeless people and street sounds can be heard. The 
fireworks and celebrations are now muted as the main focus is on the poverty
of Brazil.



‘these poor schools..’ 

(3 Secs) A wide angle shot of a once beloved school, now destroyed can be 
seen as he is narrating.



‘these people still in rags and tatters’.. 

(3 Secs) A high angle shot of homeless people in ripped, dirty blankets can
be seen. 



this cloddish insecurity of my poor families’...

(4 Secs)‘A close –up shot of a homeless, little child crying can be seen.



(Angry Shout)‘is all this the day? the century's beginning, the golden door?'

(5 Secs) A high angle-shot of Ramon shows him shouting at the sky, almost 
as if he is talking to someone higher up than he is.



(Depressed) ‘sigh’


A close up shot of Ramon’s face shows his face go from anger to sadness. He 
then tears up.




(Sadness)‘is all this the day? the century's beginning, the golden door?'

A close up shot of a small puddle shows Ramon slamming his fits into it in



‘I'm the poor devil from the poor Third World’.


A high angle shot will show Ramon concluding the poem.








The End.



45 Seconds.


 Chosen Sound

  • Crown celebrating new year’s
  • Person narrating the poem
  • Ambient sound of brazil street
  • Footsteps of character walking


Rough Soundtrack (Without Music) (With Music)


Inspirations and Research

Since we are doing a poem, I decided to research exising animations that were based  on poems.

Tim Burton’s Vincent (1979)

I could just have a narrator tell the story of the poem, just like in this video.


Here is another video. I love the outline style.



When researching Brazil paintings, I came across this one about how the contrast between the world cup and the poverty in brazil. This painting actually inspired me to make the poem about new years, as the fireworks in this made me think of new years day.

Research Painting on Poverty in Brazil and World Cup

Character RESEARCH








My Character Designs

When starting my character design, I wanted the character to correlate the feeling of the poem. When I first read the poem, I assumed it was a man reflecting on the past year. But, re -reading it again, the man seems really frustrated and angry. So I wanted that emotion my poem. The red eyes symbolises his anger towards the goverment not doing enough for his country.

1st rough concepts
1st rough initial charatcer


In this one, I played around with colours and body proportions to see what would work.

2nd rough concepts
Second inital character


3rd design
Third inital concept



4th desiugns
fourth inital drawing



Hat man character
Fifth inital drawing (


skinny character (outline)
Skinny Dude


2nd colour

With this one, I wanted to simplify the character, as I have to animate this in 2D. As he is form the poor third world, I decided to make him look more Brazilian.

skinny character
Skinny Dude (In Colour)


skinny character 2.png
Skinny Dude Version 2


More Research

I then went on researching certain colour schemes that would work. I then looked into brazilian paintings to see what type of colours certain artists use. US artist, Patrick Bornemann. I really like the dull brown and orange colours he uses.

A painting of Favela by Patrick Bornemann
painting 2.PNG
A painting of Rio by Patrick Bornemann.
More background research
An image of the slums in Brazil.


Slums Image 2
Brazil Moodboard 2
Here is a moodboard of slums and paintings of brazil.


My Own Concept Backgrounds

Using the second image as reference, I decided to draw a rough concept of my background. I did this to get a feel on how my animation would look.

Outline Background
Here is my first inital concept outline background of Brazil.


I then used some of Patrick Bornemann’s colour schemes of his paintings as a foundation for the background.

Background 2.png
Here is my first inital concept, all coloured.


Using the moodboard as reference, I created a 2nd inital landscape of the rich part and poor part of brazil.

2nd Background Outline
Here is my second initial background drawing.


Using the colour theme of Patrick Bornemann’s paintings, I implied that to my drawings.

2dnd Background Coloured.png
Here is my second inital background, all coloured.
backgorund colour scheme.png
new colour scheme choice
outline 1
My third initial background
back 1
Third coulor background
outline 2
My background designs of the slums
back 2
My coloured background designs of the slums




Here is my first rough storyboard/Animatic.


Changing the music and adding additional sounds, here is my second version of the storyboard.



nEW Character

I decided to change the character to a more human like character, as the previous one looked too creature like. This new character is a drunk, brazillian who is annoyed with the world.

Skinny Dude Version 3


Using that character, I also changed some of the sounds and added new additonal sounds, as well as changing the music.



Video Reference

Once the storyboard was complete, I went on to research how my character would behave. Since he is acting drunk, I needed reference to help me towards my animatic stage.




My own video reference



Using parts of the two reference vidoes, I recreated the drunk act and started acting out my storyboard.



sitll life poses


Poem rough animation inbetweens


Poem rough animation with some backgrounds


Deleted Scenes

When animating the extremes in my animatic, but I got feedback saying that certain shots in my rough animation were deemed,’too erratic’. I had to modify some o the shots to make the animation a little less crazy.

In deleted scene 2, the bit were my character says, ‘ and what do I get, with what do I scratch myself’, the poses he character made why deemed too comedic, as the poem is a depressing story. As well as these, i had to alter my script bu removing intended components of my animations. These included the fireworks and people walking past homeless People. I decided to not include the people walking past the homeless, as it became very time consuming and I didn’t have enough time. The fireworks also weren’t in this because I ran out out time to include it in post production.


In the final scene, the character says, ‘I am the poor devil, from the poor third world’.

My original take on this was for the character to collapse onto the ground from his drunkenness. When trying to animate it, I wasn’t too happy with it, as he kept moving about and I felt that he didn’t need to move as much as he did.




Final Completed Animation